Breaking the Shackles


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Breaking the Shackles is a progressive crossover album.
"It's 100 years since the First World War. Reporters then were rewarded and knighted for their silence and collusion.
The times we live in now are so dangerous and so distorted in public perception that propaganda is no longer, as Edward Bernays called it, an "invisible government". It is the government. It rules directly without fear of contradiction and its principal aim is the conquest of us: our sense of the world, our ability to separate truth from lies.
If we, the people, had done our job to investigate the truth, there is a very, very good chance we would have not gone to war." - John Pilger


released February 2, 2016

mix&master - Lubo Indjov
artwork - Niki Indjov
engineer - Schwab Event Technik
all songs are written, performed & produced by ZAPRYAN



all rights reserved


ZAPRYAN Berlin, Germany

"A unique bulgarian heritage with a raw rock sound. Two extremes into one soul."

Thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo.
We are Zapryan, bringing you tasty mixtures of Rock / Balkan / Middle Eastern / progressive music.
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Track Name: Ü DON'T GIVVA

Yeah people post it on facebook
But you don't care to give it a close look
people concentrated in camps around you (again)

How can this suddenly be?
why are they coming to me?
Economic exploitation is complex so you just hate them

Dude you're getting fooled (by big)
coorporation rules (they point their)
finger at the weak and your fist hits wrong cheeks

And you don't give a

How can you claim a border
justify oriental disorder
don't you see the smiling weapon exporter

Consume Consume Consume
nevermind the drone, its just a balloon
never enough stuff so keep buying shit to fill your room

Take look around (Next time)
you put your credit card down (cause what you)
really really bought is another dead childs corps

and you don't give a

In times of bloody tragedies
we establish human categories
and use hateful strategies
to diminish casualties

60 million people are forcibly displaced
long savage wars condem them to bitter exile
more than 50% of the worlds refugees are under the age of 18
who are you to deny their right to live

and you don't give a
Track Name: WAR BRIDE

Can I ever forgive
myself for not seeing your grief
There has always been, this side of you
trying to get out and push through

Noone was able to heal
Noone was able feel how you feel
Some see life as a wheel
for others its a broken automobile

Why didn't you tell me
Tell me about the pain you had inside
Couldn't you tell me
You didn't have to leave this way

I should have known
We all should have known

Must have been so hard
to play your part as the maskuline bride
who was ready to fight and spit at you
while throwing around shoes

Now as time passes by
i remember the shy, look on your eyes
when the girl was replacing the fighter
the room lit up and the weight got lighter
Track Name: 100 YEARS DENIAL
100 YEARS DENIAL (Meds Yeghern)

A fear so intense always carries hate within
blame the weak for treason while you use the strong to haunt their skin
Red Sunday 1915 extermination at its best
tame the intellectuals then work trough the rest

100 Years Denial
Fuck your self betrayal
man up and face your past without Denial
Fuck your self betrayal
The burning and the raping and the drowning is frowning and real

Violent prisoners yeah they pick out girls for sex slaves
while they march the rest to their desert graves
cruel intoxination awaits the ones who make it there
all this will inspire the young and mad schicklgruber

Rejecting the past is denying the future
Track Name: DEVIL'S GAME

Hey hey hey you think you are so strong
Abusing yourself so long
8 long years hiding in your pain
Building a wall of fear
Your body breaks, revieling addiction
And your body shakes, screaming for redemption
Say say say how much was it today
Where have you been last night
Lie lie lie today a shot away
You slip and loose your grip
I want you to stop to deny (Addiction)
And need you need you to stop or you die
In the name of our own lost horizon
Who's to blame when we dont choose to fight on
Now you fall , this game makes you crawl
Play play the game
No no no sense in the things you do
Booze is controlling you
Satisfy a world that you pretend will never end

Dont you realize you got everything you need
A family love and support
Still you keep on with your heavy drinking and hope no one notices
You are disgusting man
stop lying to yourself
We're all just begging you, begging you...
Track Name: SIRENS

Striving for El Dorado leaving all behind
Fleeing regimes unhuman extremes chasing a dream

Lampedusa's holy door the escape from the war
Europe or die no time for goodbyes leaving the shore

Stolen hope and future
Internal disillusion
Desperate solution
Death boat conclusion

Led by the sound of sirens, sweet sirens
Cherished illusions followed by silence

Trusting masked men, putting your life in their hands
Your only chance is to pay in advance while you're picturing France

Place de la Concorde and holding your spouse's hand
Working again, regular showers again and being human again

Stolen hope and future
Internal disillusion
Desperate solution
Death boat conclusion

Led by the sound of sirens, sweet sirens
Cherished illusions followed by silence

Random twist sea water kiss
You won't be missed you don't exist
Random twist sea water kiss
You won't be missed you don't exist

Random twist
Water kiss water kiss water kiss
You don't exist you won't be missed

Hope and Future badly fading
Internal disillusions blazing
Desperate solutions chasing
Death boat conclusions.

Straight from the underground
don't you recognize my sound
Take my Anger as a Gift
and let me give you a Berlin facelift

We are ready to see is what you don't us to see

I'm not gonna swallow
I'm not gonna swallow your shit
A blood filled lybian cloth
is what you call economic growth?

We are ready to see what you don't us to see

I've been used and fucking lied to
Been afraid didn't fallow through
classified information hiding you
But today I point your knife at you

Never saw a mind as perferted
It's sick how much you enjoy
to keep us all deluded
with gadgets, screens and toys

We are ready to see what you don't want us to see

Had no pride didn't follow trough
My beliefs

Like 94 in Mexico
to raise our voice

Straight over the Cradle
sailing cross the air
they thaught we're
now they have a wet underwear

We are about to see what they all feared to dream

Hey I'm suffering angel
smiling with a sad face
our ways are full symbols
They thought we wouldn't follow the trace

All they say our futures grey
But today they'll be rocked away

Oh you're not gonna make it
Honey its not worth to fight
All they call us some misfits
But what if We'd all unite

Pillow talk
Setting the alarm clock
Kiss good night
Sigh and smile

Safe and warm
Resting till dawn comes
Unaware of
The man-made storm

A book misused to explain
Why we fight
Those who refuse to obey
and how they betray us

Destiny can not be rejected
Set it free accept it
Heavenly we are protected
While we see the villian in you

A sudden strike
keeps you forever in this dream
ghost like
no one hears you scream

History is forced to repeat
forced to repeat
forced to repeat
we're cuffed to our own ejection seat

Our past is misused to explain
our radical mind
the suffering of unhuman pain
allows us to cause it

Kiss me black Angel now
May I lay beside You
Your Pulse is the beat I'm singing to

Let me join your conversation
of spiritual incarnation
Please take my body as a gift

Somewhere inside of me
a whispery voice is screaming
Some Days I'm a detainee
life I'm leading

Thich Quang Ducs Self Emolation
What a powerful statement
He showed the world what a single strong mind can do

He never moved, never uttered a sound

shows the world how a powerful question

Why do we

Thich Quang Ducs Emolation
was the cause of opression

Once we

Everyone this mind is gone

My Life is a mess
and I'm gonna die real fast
but thinking of you when I go

You left me here
sitting in my own tears
I'm thinking of you when I moan

It was a fun time, fun time so long
But this time I won't come home
No don't wait for me cause I'll be gone
It was a fun time so long

A drink before I leave
poisoned and deeply grieved
I'm thinking of you when I go

In Isolation I remain
at least it stops the pain
longing for you as I go

Oh father spread my wings
so I believe I can fly
fly away and stop to suffer
fly fly away x2
I miss you every night and day

Old photos of our silent smiles
They let me dream you are here
You're giving me something to believe in life
I'm believing that you're here
I feel your breath so near
hold me I'm begging please

Somewhere lies all the pain you left behind
deep hiding my cries in your eyes of paradise
never told why never said your last goodbye
Deep down in your eyes a little piece of paradise

Im waking up at night
am I the reason for your leaving
I need you around me to help me stand
Come and help me dry my tears
and take away my fears
hold me I'm begging please